What can you expect from this blog?

As school ended at the end of the 2017 school year, I decided to learn how to write a blog and share information with people about mastery-based learning/standards-based grading. This concept (in my opinion) is going to be the way all students are taught in the future. I have been teaching this way for 3 years now and wouldn’t go back to traditional teaching unless I was forced to. This style of teaching and grading is very conducive to student learning and personalization and teachers are aware of their curriculum and alignment of the standards to their lessons and assessments.

Whether your school district has already implemented mastery-based learning, is planning on implementing mastery-based learning or you just stopped by to learn something, you will leave with valuable information!

I have presented on this topic at the state, regional and national level, as well as worked with school systems as a consultant to help them learn about the concept of mastery-based learning and integrate it into their gymnasiums.

Please contact me or comment below with any questions or topics that you would like to see discussed! Don’t forget to follow the post (see the sidebar) to get the latest updates!

Goals for this blog:

  • To provide information to allow the viewer to apply mastery-based learning and standard-based grading concepts into their gymnasium.
  • To provide information to allow the viewer to integrate the use portfolios in the gymnasium.
  • To upload my lessons in digital format and available, so there is a standards-based curriculum available.
  • To foster an environment for discussion amongst colleagues, by encouraging viewers to comment on the posts and start conversations.

Keywords for the blog:

  • SBG (Standards-Based Grading)
  • MBL (Mastery-Based Learning)
  • ES– Exceeding Standards
  • MS– Meeting Standards
  • PS– Progressing towards the Standard
  • LP– Limited Progress

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