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What can you expect with this blog?

Thank you for checking out my blog! As I started my summer break of 2017, it came to mind that I should start my first ever blog! I wanted to share the information that I have learned over the past three years teaching in a mastery based learning/standards-based grading middle school gymnasium ¬†environment. It has been a learning process for me (since this was all new to me), but I definitely would not go back to the traditional way of teaching after now fully understanding this system. This style of teaching and grading is so beneficial to all involved. Students’ actual learning (not behaviors) is graded, students are responsible for their learning, teaching is strictly aligned with standards/indicators, and students have multiple attempts and as much time as needed to master the standards.

Whether your school district has already implemented a mastery based learning environment with standards-based grading, is heading in this direction or you just happened to come across this blog, you will leave with plenty of information.

The blog expectations: 

  1. To gain an understanding of a mastery based learning/standards based grading environment.
  2. To learn how to implement a student portfolio in the gymnasium.
  3. To gather curriculum resources

I will provide resources as I put them in digital format and offer my support if you are just beginning the standard-based grading process or want more information to bring back to your district!

I have presented on this topic at the state, regional and national levels, as well as consulted with school districts to help create environments that are suitable to a mastery based learning gymnasium. I am here as a resource for you! Feel free to leave any questions or things you want to see in this blog in the comment section below.



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