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Three components in a Mastery-Based Learning gymnasium: Feedback

The three components of mastery-based learning are learning targets, assessment and feedback. In this post, we will discuss feedback. In my opinion, this may be the most important component, as this is where you can see student progress as students obtain teacher/peer/self feedback to improve their performance.


The cycle of feedback: The students are given a task related to the learning target and they demonstrate the task. They are then provided feedback by the teacher or a peer and they make an adjustment (whether it is an adjustment for improvement or ready to move on to the next level), and the cycle continues.

Demonstrate —> Feedback – > Adjust —> Demonstrate —> Feedback —> Adjust —> Demonstrate

With a clear LT, you can give clear feedback around how well the student is mastering the content. Think of it as “allowing for future learning”. Students make their first attempt at the learning target and then the feedback allows for future learning as they make another attempt (adjustment).

Again, an important thing to remember….

“Time is the variable, learning is constant!”

Give the students as much feedback and as much time as needed to perform mastery of the learning target. Students also may need different activities to meet the same learning target. Not all students learn the same way, so it is up to the teacher to know their students and help them to personalize their learning.

Up next……student portfolios!


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