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Daily Student Tracking Sheet

I want my students to demonstrate that they can own the day’s learning target. They need to be able to put into their own words the task for the day and the expectations in order to succeed. They need to be able to have discourse around the learning target in order to articulate the goal. If they don’t understand what my learning target means, then they can’t possibly understand the goal of the day. The sheet that my colleague and I created is a sheet that allows our students to demonstrate ownership of the learning targets and write it down in their own words (even if they are writing it as we discuss it).

This is the daily sheet that my students fill out before class and after class. As you can see from prior posts, the information is on the board already. I don’t want my students to just copy the board, I want them to discuss with their peers and put my words into their own words the goal of the day. I want them to know what each level looks like in their own words, so everyone knows the day’s expectations. This is also a great way to start class while students are changing and everyone is coming in at different times. My students all know to come in to the gym, get their folder and start filling out the top half. We then discuss the learning target and the expectations for an ES/MS/PS. This takes about 5 minutes, which also includes the demonstration for the activity as well, so it is your typical time allotment for an introduction to a class.

At the end of the class, the students take these papers and fill out their current progress (WITH EVIDENCE!!!) and set a goal. They then fill out their habits of scholarship report for the day (again, WITH EVIDENCE!!). Evidence is a big thing to teach the students- they need to justify their answers- this is a school-wide expectation and the gymnasium is no different. The end takes approximately 3-4 minutes, which is tied in with our closing.

Before they go to change, they show me that their paper is completed and it allows me a quick 10 second feedback session with the child. After class, I go through their folders and add comments, so they have more feedback for the next class when they open their folders.

It is hard to always provide verbal feedback to each student during class, but this paper allows me to communicate with each student and as we know, feedback is so vital to a student’s progress!

As you can see, I am separating the PE skills and the student behaviors. Both are very important and need to be measured, but they are measured separately, so that the student can see how they are doing on mastering the standard and then on their behaviors.



This is an example of something on the board that they would use as they filled out their sheets. IMG_7312



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